Apparel Sourcing Week, 20 - 22 February 2020 - Bengaluru, India
20 - 21 July 2023
Bengaluru, India

Press Release 5 September 2019

ASW 2020 seminars! Come and discover everything about retail, fashion and sustainable business

Apparel Sourcing Week (ASW) 2019 is remembered today as much for its interactive seminars and workshops as for becoming the premier platform in India to bring the best of manufacturers and retailers together. Never before has any exhibition platform in India seen anything like this and it indeed will be some task for Apparel Resources to outshine itself in 2020, but the platform is gearing up with some more exciting topics.
Yes, seminars and workshops were indeed the biggest highlights of the show in 2019 - and 2020 is going to be no different. There will be discussions and forums that will talk about varying topics ranging from how to create an ideal omnichannel, the challenges of circular economy to role of private equity and MOQ issues and many more. You name it and it will be there!
One of the eagerly awaited seminars is Opportunity Buying: Convert Opportunity Buying into Business Opportunity. The key focus of this seminar will be to discuss the growing ‘opportunity buying’ model in retail sector and how manufacturers can play a role in it. Manufacturing Small Quantities: How to Address Issues related to MOQ will debate on topics trending today like smart factory, on-demand business model, robust logistics systems and allied domains. And, you will get to know all these from the horse’s mouth as the panellists include retailers and manufacturers themselves.
Also, look out for the seminar on Global Trade Environment: Navigating the Uncertainties in Global Trade Today to Decide Where to Source! There will be as many as 8 industry experts from M&S, Li & Fung, PVH and more, who will share their views on challenges related to international trade faced by retailers amidst the threats of trade war, tariff rates, fluctuating currency exchange rates and trade policies. Then there will be Sustain Business with Sustainability, which will talk about the growing importance of sustainable practices for the manufacturing industry. Who else but the bigwigs from H&M, Next and C&A Foundation will tell the industry on how to gear up for sustained long term growth.
For all those who want to know about creating an ideal omnichannel, don’t miss Selling to Omnichannel Formats/Creating an Ideal Omnichannel – A Perspective from the Manufacturing and Retail Side. Renowned panellists from across the globe will present case studies of how online is going offline and vice versa, and also about the requirements of complete integration of all channels. Athleisure and smart garments are the talk of the globe today and the seminar on New Product Categories for the Future – A Discussion on Athleisure, Activewear and Smart Garments will enlighten the audience as to how these categories are going to rule the market and also the challenges that come with them.
Catch up with the top retailers at ASW’s seminar on Retail Disruption as We Enter the Next Decade – What Are the Factors That Will Disrupt the Market Over the Next Decade. The experts in this session will give you insight on how they see the retail business in the next decade with an emphasis on retail challenges. In an era, when ‘circular economy’ and ‘sustainable business’ have become key business terminologies, there cannot be a better place than being at The Challenges of a Circular Economy – How Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair, Share Are Creating Their Own Challenges. Engage with the experts to know about all the pros and cons of fast fashion and also how circular economy can save our environment. A special session on Role of Private Equity in Driving Retail Growth will tell you how a native start-up should first identify its needs and then choose the right private equity firm to address those needs.
So, make sure you are there at ASW 2020 to not let go of the invaluable chance to get enlightened about retail, fashion, garments and many more!

About Apparel Sourcing Week 2023

Apparel Sourcing Week 2023, a three-day Sourcing Show not only provides the Asian manufacturers a platform to showcase their products & manufacturing capabilities to the Brands & Retailers from all over the world including India, but also extends them a chance to attend the multiple seminars (headed by industry experts), workshops, open-house discussions and networking opportunities organised during these three days, which would help the manufacturers get a better understanding of Indian and International Retail and evolving dynamics of sourcing in various markets and retail formats.

About the Organiser

Apparel Resources is well known for its benchmark publications – Apparel Online, FashTech Journal and Resource Guide published from India, Bangladesh and Vietnam. These publications have been around in the industry for over 35 years, supporting, guiding and standing by garment exporters and the retail industry globally, providing them a platform to source better