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18 - 20 February 2021
Bengaluru, India

Press Release 27 March 2021

The Marketplace retains relevance as fresh wave of Pandemic raises concerns

Even as many in the industry were getting back to business as usual, the pandemic has suddenly raised its ugly head again. Things are again uncertain, on one hand physical meetings and even some trade shows have begun to warm up, while on another, offices in many cities are again closing down and people are re-visiting the digital space for talking business. The scenario is universal.
In Europe, the regional COVID-19 infection and death rates were on a downward trend until 20 February, when they stagnated at levels last recorded in October 2020. Movement and travel restrictions remained largely in place. According to a Forbes report – ‘the country-by-country picture across the EU (plus the UK) in mid-March shows that the B.1.1.7 variant (often called the English variant in Europe, because of where it was discovered) is well and truly having an impact in most European countries. As a result, many countries are currently reinforcing lockdown measures rather than easing restrictions for Spring.’
Though no one wants lockdowns, the situation is getting critical and countries are forced to keep people indoors. In India too the situation is spiralling out of control. Ironically the vaccination drive is picking up speed, yet the spread of the virus is getting wider. In this scenario, the relevance of continuity of digital platforms cannot be undermined. Especially in a global industry like fashion where the selling markets are faraway and different from the manufacturing destinations.
Many had anticipated that digital platforms would slowly dye away, but the reality is that the relevance of digital platforms are far from over and there will now be greater focus on hybrid models where the virtual and physical methods of conducting business will co-exist and support each other, creating a never before seen synergy that will have long-term relevance.
The ASW Marketplace aims to be the extended virtual arm of the ASW BigShow and not only an independent marketplace with standalone advantages. The ASW Marketplace is the best way to remain connected with the buyers throughout the year. This is even more important since fashion has become seasonless and the consumer is looking for new products and innovations constantly. With retail becoming more challenging and retaining customer eyeball becoming difficult, buyers are always searching for new products and agile suppliers.
For the buyer, having a permanent reference point for sourcing options from diverse manufacturing destinations is a big reason to register with ASW Marketplace. The depth in product range, manufacturing capacities and capabilities makes the platform very exciting. For a supplier, the ability to sit in the comfort of the Marketplace, have a video chat with possible partners and show them your products, is a definite plus. Discuss expectations, capabilities, price, samples, deliveries. The dynamics of the meeting are the same, only the platform is digital, but as interactive and alive as a personal meeting. Use WhatsApp, SMS and Video chatting as per your comfort.
The various activities that make the buyers keep returning to the platform are just an added edge, but very critical in maintaining continuity and retaining faith in the platform as a must visit destination to find preferred partners.

About Apparel Sourcing Week 2020

Apparel Sourcing Week 2020, a three-day Sourcing Show not only provides the Asian manufacturers a platform to showcase their products & manufacturing capabilities to the Brands & Retailers from all over the world including India, but also extends them a chance to attend the multiple seminars (headed by industry experts), workshops, open-house discussions and networking opportunities organised during these three days, which would help the manufacturers get a better understanding of Indian and International Retail and evolving dynamics of sourcing in various markets and retail formats.

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