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Founded in 1929, Navis TubeTex is a leader in finishing machinery for the global textile industry. Based in Lexington, North Carolina, Navis TubeTex designs, engineers and manufactures the world’s leading machinery for the global knit, woven, nonwoven, technical and geotextile industries.

Navis TubeTex has trained sales and service centers around the world to offer dedicated machinery solutions with exceptional services to meet your company’s production and processing needs. Our team of expert engineers and sales associates work with you on a solution that fits your economic budget and ecologic environment to ensure a successful implementation of the latest technology.

Navis TubeTex consists of four primary brands.

1. TubeTex – Compactors, pads (squeezers), dryers for tubular knit finishing and compactors and pads (squeezers) for open width knit finishing

2. MW – Marshall & Williams – Stenters for open width knit, woven, non-woven, and technical applications

3. Tandematic – Fabric handling machinery including fabric slitting/selvedge trimmers, stenter rail guiders, selvedge de-curlers, top surface gumming systems

4. Consultex – Rotor spray coating systems for textiles, nonwovens, plastic films, paper, tissue, food, and battery industries

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