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Kingdom was founded in 1978, with total asset of RMB2.5billion, more than 4,000 employees and five production factories, as well as an organic flax raw material production base in China. Kingdom Holdings Limited was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) on 12 December 2006.

The total scale of Linen and Hemp yarn production of Kingdom has reached 150,000 spindles with an annual production capacity of more than 22,000 tons of Wet Spun Linen Yarn and 5,000 tons of Wet Spun Hemp Yarn and it is currently the one of largest linen yarn manufacturers in the world. Kingdom shared 18% of domestic linen yarn market, and over 15% of the global. Kingdom's export reaches 55% of the total linen yarn export from China, and has been ranking number one in China since 2004. Kingdom accounts for 50% market share of linen yarn export to high-end markets such as Japan, South Korea and Italy.

Kingdom always commits to sustainable development; therefore, it has introduced advanced textile equipment from countries like Germany, France and Italy. While both facility and skills of the first 3 mills are in leading position in China, Kingdom’s 4th spinning mill has been ahead the world. Kingdom can produce the most extensive range of product specifications of Linen yarns from 3.5NM-75NM and Hemp yarns from 26NM–60NM, thereby broadening its customers’ choices and achieving higher satisfaction from them at the same time.

Kingdom believes that Hemp will grow rapidly in the next few years since the focus is increasing globally on sustainability and Hemp is one of the most sustainable, organic and regenerative agricultural crop.

Kingdom attaches great importance to the proprietary intellectual property rights and is actively developing its own brands. "KINGDOM" is a famous trademark in Zhejiang province of China, and have been named "Zhejiang Top Export Brand". "KINGDOM" brand linen yarn is highly recognized in overseas market. It is one of the best brands recognized by the global textile industry.

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804, ECO STAR, Vishveshwar Nagar, Off Aarey Road, Behind Udipi Hotel, Goregaon ( E), Mumbai - 400 063

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