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Sakho Enterprises

Sakho Enterprises was established in 2011 to provide affordable automation solutions in apparel industry. The company believes in bringing up the industries’ innovation and uniqueness with respect to machines and applications. It is a matter of pride that it has always associated with foreign companies, who are masters in their respective fields, such as Martin Group, H&H, NISSIN, BKS, ENS, Leonard & Thermotron & so on.

SAKHO who introduced a design studio, UNIK TECHNOLOGY in Bangalore in 2016 to design & manufacture samples using bonding and seam sealing technology with the expertise of their principal H&H & business partner RCG. Bonding (Sew free or Stitch less) is very popular in International market in these days. This technology will add value in Apparel Industry. Now you can see bonded applications in all major brands. SAKHO enables the Apparel industry to adapt this concept with practical bonding technology at every step: sampling, job work, application engineering, trims such as tapes, adhesive and logos, bulk production, machine supply, factory setup.

At the same time, the company also delivers tailor-made solutions to its customers, who are demanding quality right from application engineering to manufacturing. Manufacturing processes with futuristic trends are becoming very very challenging in present time. New knowledge in this field will aid in the advancement of various technologies that would be needed to achieve industrial competitiveness. Comprehensive and up-to-date, precision engineering is cross-discipline.

Built on collaboration and mutual respect, SAKHO is committed to honesty and fairness in all operations with the utmost concern of its associates, customer and community. With active support of H&H, the company is stands firmly on integrity, vision and caring, and is dedicated to the never-ending horizons of imagination.

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+91802319 5372


No. 4,1st Floor, 1st Cross, 4th Block,SSI Area Rajajinagar, Bangalore-560010

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