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20 - 21 July 2023
Bengaluru, India

Press Release 5 December 2019

Textrum by Vardhman hosted at ASW2020

When Vardhman Textiles initiated its now very sought-after textile innovation show Textrum two years ago, little did they realise about the success that it would garner with each progressive edition. Displaying collections in diverse categories for Spring/Summer 2019, the first edition of the show set the ball rolling, displaying latest collections from the textile giant season after season.
Today, Textrum is truly a platform for Vardhman to creatively showcase its developments in textiles to the industry. The event has attracted not only major retailers and brands like Future Group, ABFR, Benetton, Arvind, Raymond, Landmark, Uniqlo, but also leading garment manufacturers like Orient Craft, K Mohan, Gadia Exports, Richa Global, to name a few. With product development teams always searching for newness, Textrum hit the right note with the industry.
After finding success in Delhi-NCR, post its maiden show at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh, the home of Vardhman Textiles, the next edition of the show is being co-located with ASW 2020 in Bengaluru. The tie-up will give both shows wider audience and an opportunity for Vardhman to address the retail industry in the city directly, while also exploring new market opportunities outside the country. The association adds strength to the ‘Fabric’ section of ASW 2020, which is a new feature added to the show this year.
Textrum will feature the latest fabric collections
from Vardhman for S/S 2021.
The focus is on performance and sustainability
Vardhman is one of the largest vertically integrated textile conglomerates in India with 23 manufacturing units spanning across 6 states. Besides weaving more than 180 million metres of fabric per annum, the company has 1.1 million spindles to produce 650 metric tonnes per day of world-class yarns. In over five decades of its existence, Vardhman has strived to deliver unparalleled quality through its state-of-the art technology and customer-first approach.
In the last edition of Textrum, held in Gurugram, Haryana, the focus of the company was on sustainability, which is a major driving force for the company. Talking about the significance of the concept at Vardhman, Mukesh Bansal, Sr. Vice President at Vardhman said, “We are moving forward with our operations with least water consumption, least emissions while keeping our Higg’s Index high. We call it ‘sustainability plus’, i.e., sustainable fibres processed in a sustainable manner.”
Visitors and apparel exhibitors at ASW 2020 will get a first look at the innovations in fabric by the group and be able to interact with the team for collaborations and product development ideas. Though the theme is yet not disclosed, the collections will feature many innovations in the area of performance and sustainable fabric, to explore. The team at ASW 2020 is excited to present Textrum not only to the Indian audience but also to the international retailers and garment manufacturers.
ASW 2020 promises to be much bigger and deeper than the last edition and besides the newly initiated Fabric and Accessory segment, the Garment Exhibit section has also been expanded to include over 75 exhibitors from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Myanmar. The show will also have its dose of over 25 knowledge platforms and numerous networking opportunities.

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