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What is ASW

Apparel Sourcing Week, (ASW) platform is aligned to the changing dynamics of the industry, moving in pace with evolving and shifting world trade of apparel sourcing while also acknowledging the changing needs and wants of the customer.

Only sourcing platform: Today and Everyday

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Why be at ASW?


As the businesses consolidate, finding new opportunities to grow is very critical. The ASW Platform provides ways to search for new ideas, find new partners and go global in an interactive environment across multiple sourcing avenues.


In an industry that is always looking for directions, the numerous knowledge sharing platforms both digital and on ground,graced by industry leaders will engage and enlighten on key issues surrounding the industry.


With the new normal, the search for inspiration is on. Meet and interact with the people who can inspire a new journey. From fashion forecasting to success stories, ASW will inspire you in multiple ways.


Exchanging ideas to stay relevant is important. Use the ASW Platform to interact, connect and meet peers, competitors, influencers and people who matter to the fashion retail industry at numerous networking interventions, both online and offline.

Our Network


The flagship Physical show is now ASW-BigShow. The exhibition, curated to be the premier apparel sourcing show of the South Asia region, while retaining the features, concept and passion that has made the show such a grand success, will become bigger as new categories and engagement activities are added to the show.



The transformation of the industry has made it even more critical than ever to remain visible throughout the year. ASW-Marketplace makes sellers of apparel, fabrics, accessories available for discussion every day, around the clock. Buying and selling is no longer a seasonal practice. Retailers need products regularly and waiting for exhibitions to search partners is no longer the only option.



Moving with the times and demands of the new normal for conducting global business and knowledge sharing, ASW-V-Expo is the perfect platform for digital activities to bring the industry under one roof. V-Expo exhibitions, webinars, master classes, open house sessions, product launches, digital campaigns and buyer seller meets are just some of the activities that is envisaged by the platform.


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