18 - 20 JUNE 2020, BENGALURU  |  #ASW2020

Invitation for Visa

Interested in Invitation for Visa?
Shruti Arora
Manager, Corporate Communications
+91 8800010134 or sarora@apparelresources.com

Virendra Pratap Singh
Sponsorship Sales Manager
+91 8800010142 or vpsingh@apparelresources.com
In order to help you get VISA to visit ASW 2020, please complete the form below. We will then send you an invitation letter to be presented to your country’s Indian consultants / embassy at the time of VISA Application.

* Please ensure that as a visitor you should have the e-pass of ASW, 2020 to be eligible to get the invitation for VISA.

* As soon as we receive the complete elements, our team will take care of your request and send you -- an invitation letter BY EMAIL to help you in your administrative procedure.

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