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What is ASW 2024?
Apparel Sourcing Week 2024 will bring together Asian manufacturers from Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and China to showcase their manufacturing capabilities in the latest fashion apparel and will place the Indian & International retailers and brands on a common platform to conduct business.
What will be showcased by the participants?
The garment manufacturers from the Asian countries will present their manufacturing capabilities and showcase their latest collections created specially for the Buying & Sourcing teams of retailers / brands visiting the show products such as lingerie, athleisure, Denim, etc.
Where can I find exhibitors’ list for ASW 2024?
You can find the list under the Expo section on the website.
Who can attend ASW 2024?
Buying houses, textile manufacturers, apparel importers, wholesalers, apparel retailers, apparel manufacturers, department stores, buying groups, product developers, institutional buyers, sourcing agents, fashion designers, merchandise managers, specialty retailers and others involved in importing and sourcing apparel and textiles.
How do I register for the event?
Visitors can register for the event in two ways: Pre- Registration Online: Fill up the registration form online on our website. As soon as the visitor’s form is approved, an e-pass will be generated and shared with the visitor.
Pre- Registration Online: Fill up the registration form online on our website. As soon as the visitor’s form is approved, an e-pass will be generated and shared with the visitor.
How do I register for the conference?
Attendees need to reserve their seats well in advance by buying passes that includes Conference through the website. Note: the seats are limited for each conference.
What is the duration of one seminar?
The duration for each seminar will be 1 hrs including the speaker session and the question round.
Will there be a conference at ASW 2024?
ASW 2024 will host 20+ seminars & workshops.
What all do the visitors need to carry for offline registration at ASW 2024?
Visitors are required to show their ID proofs (PAN Card, Voter ID card, Aadhar Card, Passport) for both online and offline registration at ASW 2024.
Are kids allowed to visit ASW 2024?
No, kids are not permitted to enter ASW 2024. The age bar for the event is above 18 years.
Where can I keep my luggage?
Visitors can deposit their baggage at the reception area of the hotel. However, the safety of the bags is at their own risk.
Can the passes be upgraded on the spot?
Yes, the passes can be upgraded on the spot at the registration desk.
Is there parking available at the event?
The attendees can use the venue parking facility, however, ASW doesn’t offer special parking spaces.


What is an e-pass?
An e-pass is the access support for people having registered for the event online. This will be shared on email after online registration. It has to be printed or kept available on smart phone. When the attendees present the same at the registration desk at the venue, they will be issued an entry card to be used in different sections of the event.
I prefer to avail my pass directly upon arrival. How do I do that?
Visitors can fill up their registration forms on the spot at the venue itself and get their entry passes right away.
I have not received my e-pass. What should I do?
If you have not received your e-pass on your registered email id even after successful registration online, reach out to us via Contact for support.
I lost my password. What should I do?
Visitors can contact us at any given time on our website, app or in person at the event to get the possible solution right away.


Where can I find the floor plan for the event?
For a generic floor plan, you can visit this link on the website. Interested exhibitors can contact our team for booth space availability.
What are the types of booth spaces that we can have at ASW 2024?
We offer 3 types of booth spaces - Desk space, 6SQM booth and 12 SQM booth.
How do we register our staff for the booth?
Number of passes are allotted to the exhibitor as per the booth space booked. If you need to get more passes, then connect with your contact person for the event.
How do we get our badge?
Once registered, you will receive an email approximately one week prior to ASW 2024 that contains your event access QR code. Upon arrival on-site, follow directional signage to the dedicated badge pickup area where you will get your physical badge.
Where can I book a hotel room/or get an accommodation as an exhibitor?
ASW 2024 provides discounted rates at the hotels we tie up in the vicinity. You can get details of the hotels from your contact person
Are there shuttle services available?
Yes, there are shuttle services available to the event venue from the hotels we tie up.
How do I order additional electricals?
You must share a list of additional things you need to use at the event beforehand and get them pre-approved.
What are the décor rules for a booth at ASW 2024?
Please connect with your contact person for the decor rules.
How do I ship my materials to ASW 2024?
Get all the details related to shipping your materials from your assigned contact person.
Can the size of my booth be altered?
The size of one particular stall cannot be altered; however, exhibitors may book multiple stalls depending on the availability.
Can I display items outside my booth area?
No. Exhibitors are requested not to extend their display area outside their booth for the convenience of the visitors.
Can I apply graphics on my wall panels?
Yes, ASW team gives complimentary artwork for the booth. You just have to help us with the design.
When can we start setting up our stalls?
Exhibitors will be given access to the exhibition hall on the day of the event, early in the morning.