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6 Exhaustive Workshops Lined Up at ASW 2020

25 November 2019

No conference agenda can be complete without workshops that ‘teach’. The ASW platform not only understands this fact but also appreciates the importance of workshop by subject experts to enhance thought process and skills of professionals. At the upcoming ASW 2020, a line up of 6 workshops await the industry hungry for knowledge.
The topics of the workshops are wide-ranging and relate to the ongoing topics. They have been curated so as to appeal to different sections of the fashion apparel industry. From trends and forecast to on-demand manufacturing, the workshops promise to be exhaustive, sharp as well as meaningful.
The workshop on trends conducted by leaders in forecasting will deep dive into the essential trends, key apparel items, patterns, graphics, materials, design details, colour and colour combos for S/S ’21 in both women's and men’s product range. This would give the audience a strong idea about the key product directions including takeaways relevant to designers/manufacturers/exporters/brands. Also, it would give them a clear insight of forecast and its connection with culture and product development.
Wool has always been perceived as a warm fibre suitable for winter season and hence the focus of product development teams on its versatility and sustainable feature have gone largely unrecognised and uncelebrated. But it is time now to unveil the true magic of wool and showcase to the world its true potential. ‘Fibre Advocacy’ is all about letting the industry discover wool, which with its unrivalled breathability, moisture management properties and odour control, is the ultimate performance fibre.
Audits, surveys and self-assessments are all part of a set of mechanisms used by retailers and brands to measure factory compliance. But do these old ways really meet the challenges of today? Looming on the horizon are a new set of vendor performance measurement tools. Vendor audits – whether baseline reviews, graduation assessments, or post-graduation reviews – will present vendors with a new set of issues. The session will explore the new vendor assessments, and provide fruitful insights into the types of questions that will be asked and how one can be better equipped for them.
This is a focused workshop on how creating efficiencies within the relationship between brand/retailer and the vendor will ultimately result in savings of cost and/or time. Many customers are having zero sourcing strategy, not agreeing on any forecasting to secure capacity upfront, drip feeding orders, poor information around the orders and standards resulting in more time being taken to finalise the order with the ex-factory date looming - all at the compromise of the vendor. If customers instead partner with the vendors, consider them as an extension of their team and create efficiencies at each and every touch point, this will result in a win-win situation.
There is a wide ambiguity around sustainability. Sustainable fashion promotion is still a very much western concept. But how close has the sub-continent’s manufacturing industry marched towards this concept to support the initiative? The workshop shall highlight on the importance of the industry to learn and adapt sustainability practices. It will also include some interesting case studies on few factories’ practical feedback implementation on sustainable practices and its impact on cost.Moreover, general perceptions in the industry about customers’ requirement for sustainability in fashion and readiness of the industry will also be discussed.
The fashion industry is changing at a pace never seen before and the old way of apparel manufacturing is rapidly transforming in a manner that many cannot keep up with. What worked well in the past might not be an effective solution today and certainly not at all a solution for the future. Customisation is quickly being integrated into clothing and a large shift from mass production to small quantities can be seen in today's time. This fluctuating mass production coupled with the changing consumer preferences pushed a concept strongly to enter the market, named ‘on-demand’ manufacturing. With no ready inventory needed, this concept allows brands and manufacturers to make a product only after a customer places an order and yet they remain profitable in their businesses. But how does this happen? What does it take to be a leader in on-demand concept? We will be discussing everything about this topic in ASW 2020.

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