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Press Release 4 November 2019

ASW 2020 accentuates the importance of regional collaboration for Fashion Retail

As the fashion retail market gets more dynamic by the day with almost everyone in the supply chain clueless about the next big trend, one thing is for sure - the direction that the industry is taking is about greater collaborations and co-creations. In this scenario, the importance of a platform like Apparel Sourcing Week is magnified as players in the textile value chain from fibre to upfront retail can not only exchange ideas, but also seek future partners in this challenging journey.
The stage for ASW 2020 is set and all stakeholders are excited with the prospects of being a peg in this huge wheel which is laid on the foundation of Knowledge, Inspiration and Networking - the three pillars of business growth for the future. More than 50 manufacturers from the region including players from India, Bangladesh, Sri lanka, Indonesia have already booked their booths. Many more are committed to exhibit, and with three months still left. the movement is very encouraging.
Some of the confirmed participants are leaders in their respective domain and ASW team is proud to be hosting them. Collectively, they represent the vision that ASW 2020 stands for, a seamless fashion industry where each works on their strength but drives growth in collaboration with like-minded but different and specialised capability partners.
Some of the names that are on board for ASW 2020 include -Pacific Jeans; EPIC; Standard; UTAH; MUST; KDS; Crony; Anowara; Sonia & Sweaters; SCM Garments; MBM; Sterling; Giant; Mahmud Denim; Pratibha Syntex; Busana; Orient Craft; PPJ; Nhabe; Eastman; Anzir Apparels Ltd.; Armana; Energypac; Pakiza; Shanghai World Fashion; Threadmill; Well Group; Universal Jeans; Kwutong Apparels; BSA Apparel; Shin Shin; Adam Apparel; Octave; Hues Clothing; ITC; SCM Garments; ASM Industries; Timex; Hirdaramani; Crystal Martin; Star; Lenzing; PCC; Coats; Madeira; R Elan; Loyal Textiles; RSWM; Liva; Woolmark; YKK; Akk Union; OBO Zippers, etc.
The retailers and brands are equally involved and discussions for the knowledge platforms are in full swing with both Indian and international experts in various fields being roped in. The list of these eminent experts will be announced soon and the ASW team is very happy with the way it is shaping up, as value to each is our motto.
The Bangladesh exhibitors are very upbeat on exploring the Indian market in particular, though buyers from other emerging markets are also in focus. In a recent interaction with the ASW team in Dhaka, the Commerce Minister of Bangladesh, Tipu Munshi reiterated that Indian fashion retail market is a thrust market for garment manufacturers in the country and the Ministry is keen to increase exports to India to over US $ 2 billion from the current around US $ 700 million, in the near future.
The obvious synergy between the 2 countries is of course a major driver for the potential. The ease of doing business between the two countries and the political stability that both countries enjoy is aiding the trade in a very mutually beneficial way.
But ASW 2020 is not only about the dynamic Indian market and with buyer delegations coming in from Australia, Japan, China, Russian, the US and Europe, the event is set to touch new heights. The event will also have many fun and knowledge activities and platforms to engage all visitors and participants for impactful networking. To be held in Bengaluru, India at Sheraton Hotel from 20-22 February 2020, ASW is a sourcing show like never before.

The event will provide a conducive environment to build a long-term relationship, to understand manufacturing capabilities, the quality and timely delivery standards and also identify the ways with which the manufacturers can address your growing needs. On the other hand, for exhibitors it will give a better picture of what buyers are looking for and the direction that Fashion retail is taking.

About Apparel Sourcing Week 2023

Apparel Sourcing Week 2023, a two-days Sourcing Show not only provides the Asian manufacturers a platform to showcase their products & manufacturing capabilities to the Brands & Retailers from all over the world including India, but also extends them a chance to attend the multiple seminars (headed by industry experts), workshops, open-house discussions and networking opportunities organised during these three days, which would help the manufacturers get a better understanding of Indian and International Retail and evolving dynamics of sourcing in various markets and retail formats.

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