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Press Release 29 November 2019

BlueKaktus is ASW 2020's IT Partner for Second Year in a Row

Success can be measured in many ways, and for ASW, the confidence that the participants, whether exhibitors, visitors or sponsors have shown in the concept and execution of the event is the biggest satisfaction and stepping stone for more such shows that are going to be bigger and more global. While many of the exhibitors have decided to exhibit again at ASW 2020, sponsors that not only found value but are in sync with the pillars of the event – knowledge, inspiration and networking – are back again with expectations of another good show.
Among them is BlueKaktus, the flagship product of Royal Datamatics Pvt. Ltd., an organisation built by the apparel industry for the apparel industry. Led by a dynamic and young entrepreneur, Gunish C Jain, the company has the foundation of a strong apparel manufacturing and retail background, so the solutions are targeted and comprehensive.
As an acknowledgement to the strong partnership that BlueKaktus and Apparel Resources (the organiser of ASW) share, the former is on board yet again as IT Partner for the upcoming Apparel Sourcing Week to be held in February 2020.
Gunish Jain
Founder of BlueKaktus
"It's imperative for garment industry to understand the significance of automation and analysation in their back-end processes in order to gain gargantuan competitive advantage,"
Headquartered in New Delhi, BlueKaktus has offices in Bengaluru, Surat, Tirupur, Jaipur and Bangladesh. Since it is conceptualised by an excellent amalgamation of industry veterans and technology specialists, and its unique offerings and quick implementation are a great value add to any operation in the apparel industry, the company has been rapidly expanding in India and abroad..
The team behind BlueKaktus stand by the belief that technology has the power to drastically transform the way the fashion industry works. “Digitisation can be a force multiplier. With global fashion brands looking at reducing lead times, fast fashion and quick reaction to changing market conditions, apparel companies can leverage digital platforms to automate routine operations and significantly reduce costs and improve reaction time,” reasons Gunish.
Among the many offerings that the company has for the fashion industry, a few core ones include technology to monitor and improve performance through: Time and Action; Vendor Portal; Quality; Production Planning; Costing; and Virtual Merchandiser. One or more of these tools can be seamlessly integrated with the existing ERP, retaining the status quo of the client organisation. “Most organisations feel that looking at any IT solutions means big investment and starting all over again, but this is not true,” avers Gunish.
Born from the need of real factories and solution for sourcing hiccups, BlueKaktus is an industry-transforming platform that focuses on every challenge within the industry processes. Gunish believes that the acceptance of the offering from BlueKaktus only reinforces the critical need of such solutions to stay competitive and profitable. “BlueKaktus is rapidly redefining the expectation from a technology solution and providing ‘productivity enhancement’ at the core of value enhancement,” concludes Gunish with confidence that comes from the growing client base both within the country and abroad.

About Apparel Sourcing Week

Apparel Sourcing Week (ASW) platform is aligned to the changing dynamics of the industry, moving in pace with evolving and shifting world trade of apparel sourcing while also acknowledging the changing needs and wants of the customer.

To facilitate the seamless process of sourcing for greater transparency and reach, the ASW platform offers the industry three independent verticals – Big Show, Marketplace, and V-Expo – to enhance business opportunities for all players in the fashion retail chain, in an environment of networking, knowledge, and inspiration. With the three verticals, the supplier has marketing opportunities all around the year like never before, while the buyer has multiple avenues to search his perfect sourcing partner from South Asia.

About the Organiser

Apparel Resources is well known for its benchmark publications – Apparel Online, StitchWorld and Resource Guide published from India, Bangladesh & Vietnam. These publications have been around in the industry for over 35 years, supporting, guiding and standing by garment exporters and the retail industry globally, providing them a platform to source better.

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