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Press Release 6 May 2022

Experience Group joins the ASW Juggernaut!

As we inch closer to July, more and more companies are joining the bandwagon to be a part of ASW 2022. And why would they not, after all it’s the most sought after sourcing event of Asia!

Having wowed the industry with the first edition, the exhibitors are now keen to be a part of its second edition that is scheduled to be held in the iconic Sheraton Grand, Bangalore on July 1 & 2.

The likes of Pratibha Syntex, Well Group, Giant Group, Armana, Anowara, Standard Group, Pacific Jeans and Bando Designs will be there this time around as well even as we are adding many new but established names from the manufacturing fraternity of Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and China as well.

The latest in this direction is Bangladesh’s Experience Group!

Tracing its genesis to the 1960s in the United Kingdom, when the current Chairman of the group Maqsood Ahmad entered the business to evolve and come up eventually with Experience Clothing Company Ltd., the first woven unit of the group in 1997, which commenced production in 1998.

Fast forward to 2022, Experience Group today is a leading name in design and manufacture of apparels, boasting of six manufacturing units under the umbrella of Experience Group of Industries, employing over 10,000 plus workers and catering to a wide range of clientele (Tommy Hilfiger, s.Oliver, Lidl, Costco, Tokyo Talkies, NKD and many more) across Asia, Europe and USA in product categories ranging from woven bottoms to workwear to lingerie and outerwear.

“Initially our focus was primarily on woven. With time, we added other product categories like lingerie, underwear, workwear, outerwear, etc. We utilise the state-of-the-art technology and machines to ensure efficiency in our manufacturing process, minimise waste and lower cost so as to foster fruitful relationship with our clients by offering them fashionable and cost-effective solutions,” claims Usama Maqsood, Director of Experience Group, who had added an Indian buyer during the days of pandemic and looks forward to increase his clientele in the country now.

With a design studio and strong product innovation team in Liverpool Street, in the heart of London, Experience Group promises to pick up the right influences and inspirations at the right time and come up with new design developments that are sure to be liked by the clients to give shape to a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship by empowering innovative technologies to offer high quality and innovative apparel items.

It currently entertains MOQ of 5,000 pieces per style and 3,000 pieces per colour but open to customisation as per the buyers’ requirement.

About Apparel Sourcing Week 2022

Apparel Sourcing Week 2022, a two-days Sourcing Show not only provides the Asian manufacturers a platform to showcase their products & manufacturing capabilities to the Brands & Retailers from all over the world including India, but also extends them a chance to attend the multiple seminars (headed by industry experts), workshops, open-house discussions and networking opportunities organised during these three days, which would help the manufacturers get a better understanding of Indian and International Retail and evolving dynamics of sourcing in various markets and retail formats.

About the Organiser

Apparel Resources is well known for its benchmark publications – Apparel Online, StitchWorld and Resource Guide published from India, Bangladesh & Vietnam. These publications have been around in the industry for over 35 years, supporting, guiding and standing by garment exporters and the retail industry globally, providing them a platform to source better.

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