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From knowledge sharing to actual orders, ASW '19 had it all

29 July 2019

Even as preparation for the next edition of ASW is on full swing, the actual impact of the first edition is still coming in. From extensive networking to actual business, ASW ’19 had its highlights.
The underlying motivation for creating Apparel Sourcing Week was to fill the gap in understanding of the Indian Retail market, by not only the international manufacturers but also the local companies which are incidentally mostly into export market. It was important to present the growing potential of the market to the manufacturing community. The second motivation was to develop India as a sourcing hub for the region, as the synergy between manufacturing and market is growing stronger by the day.
Both the motivations proved bang-on and found reality, as a majority of the exhibitors that participated at ASW ’19 did not have any first-hand understanding of the Indian retail market, which was the prime focus of the first event. In addition to it, many of them got orders, which was like the cherry on top of the cake!
Companies that were at ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru during March 2019 show got a real time feel of the Indian retail market, its buzzing and busy vibes as also the serious intent of retailers and brands to work with manufacturers across numerous locations for best products and competitive prices. “The seminars, workshops and open-house forums were eye-openers for many of the participants, as these knowledge platforms talked about issues that were in many people’s mind,” said Azfar Hassan, the young Director of Giant Group. Pepe Jeans is one of the brands they are working with post ASW.
The participants were highly appreciative of the two vendor sessions - one by Reliance Trends and the other by Myntra. Both these retailers are on the wish list of most garment manufacturers and getting an opportunity to interact with the Heads of Sourcing of these two companies was an opportunity that does not come easily. “The vendor sessions were very helpful in understanding what the retailers in India are looking for and the business opportunities available with them,” said Humayun Rashid, CEO, Energypac Fashions. He and his team are very interested in developing the Indian market and are already working to adapt to the requirements of the market. .
A regular at almost all the knowledge platforms at ASW ’19, Hasnat Mosharraf, MD, Standard Group was impressed with the quality of speakers and discussions undertaken. “Besides the enquires that we received during the two days, the exchange of ideas and new perspectives built from the exchanges will be very helpful in preparing for the Indian market,” he said. In fact, many of the Bangladesh Groups accepted the fact that as of now, small quantities is the requirement of the market. Some of them even very openly stated that they understand that no buyer is going to give them big orders all of a sudden. So, they all are working with the people they got in touch with at ASW and are trying to find a way out. It is critical to understand that the trend of small orders is not limited to Indian retailers; most international buyers have also reduced their per style bookings.
For those companies that are already working in the Indian market, ASW ’19 was a unique way to meet their clients in a very interactive and charged environment where business, knowledge and networking rubbed shoulders for attention. “It was good to meet some new retailers who showed interest in our collection; this was in addition to our regular customers, who got an opportunity to see our latest collection,” said Sandeep Golam, Director Operations, Denimac Limited. The company owns the successful denim brand Rookies that is already selling in India.
Significantly, many exhibitors admitted to getting orders and embarking upon a journey into the Indian retail market. At Pakiza Knit Composite, the team not only attracted attention for their collection but wrote orders for Madame and Go Fashions. “We got orders for women’s knitwear from Madame and Go Fashions. While we have already shipped 50,000 pieces for Madame, 1,00,000 pieces of Go Fashions will be shipped soon,” shared Rakibul Islam, Director, Pakiza Knit Composite.
Even as the endorsements continue to come in, one thing is for sure; the event touched the participants as a serious event that was organised to precision. “We felt very welcome and even the smallest of details was taken care of, which made the whole experience itself so meaningful,” said Md. Ehsannudin Khan, Director, Sonia Sweaters, echoing the thoughts of many of the exhibitors.

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