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Press Release 12 December 2019

Global Leader in Fibre Innovation - Lenzing Group On-board ASW 2020 as Fibre Partner

The sponsor portfolio of partners at Apparel Sourcing Week scheduled for February 2020 is getting stronger by the day. An event curated on the pillars of opportunity, inspiration, networking and knowledge sharing, ASW 2020 is shaping up well to fulfil the core objectives of the show. While the show’s exhibitor profile is a good mix of Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Indonesian garment manufacturers offering diverse product categories, the second edition of ASW is being endorsed by some of the most prolific names in the textile value chain. The latest to join ASW 2020 as ‘Fibre Partner’ is the Lenzing Group.
A name that needs no introduction, The Lenzing Group is synonymous with ecologically responsible production of specialty fibres made from the renewable raw material wood. As an innovation leader with over 80 years spent on innovating, Lenzing is a partner of global textile and non-woven manufacturers and drives many new technological developments. Headquartered in Austria, the Group has manufacturing locations near to major markets to be responsive.
The Group’s high-quality fibres form the basis for a variety of textile applications ranging from well-draped ladies clothing to versatile denims and high-performance sports clothing. Due to their consistent high quality, biodegradability and compostability, Lenzing fibres are also highly suitable for hygiene products and agricultural applications.
Working closely with customers along the supply chain, Lenzing’s approach to business goes far beyond that of a traditional fibre producer. The Group strives for efficient utilisation and processing of all raw materials and offers solutions to help redirect the textile sector towards a closed-loop economy.
Avinash Mane
Commercial Head - South Asia
Lenzing Group
“Together with our customers and partners, we develop innovative products along the value chain, creating added value for consumers,”
Though the product basket at Lenzing is very wide with key offerings being TENCEL™, VEOCEL™, LENZING™, REFIBRA™, ECOVERO™, LENZING MODAL™, LENZING VISCOSE™, MICROMODAL™ and PROMODAL™, the focus at ASW 2020 will be on its most popular brand TENCEL™ and its latest sustainable innovation ECOVERO™. “For any customer looking for sustainable solutions in fashion, products from Lenzing feature high on the list,” says Arpit Srivastava, Branding and Marketing, South Asia Lenzing Group.
Already a well-established and recognised name, TENCEL™ branded fibres are derived from sustainably managed forests and manufactured using an award-winning closed-loop process that produces fibres with a significantly lower carbon footprint and thus helps lower the ecological balance. With features like smoothness, breathability, colour retention and biodegradability, this is the perfect alternative option for both designers and consumers moving towards eco-fashion.
On the other hand, ECOVERO™ fibre is a sustainable viscose invented by Lenzing Group based on four pillars: raw materials (which imply the use of sustainable wood sources), an ecological production process (50% less impact on emissions and water usage), full transparency in the supply chain and product decomposition. Thus, the entire life cycle of the product is taken care of to ensure that full compliance to sustainable norms is followed, right from procurement of the raw material to post-use of waste management.
The ASW team is very pleased to welcome such an innovator as their Fibre Partner and the value that this partnership brings are that of credibility and commitment to sustainability. The event will see many thought leaders of the industry share concerns and debate topics that are or will impact the fashion industry in the near future. With over 25 varied knowledge platforms including seminars, workshops, open house forums and vendor sessions, ASW 2020 will be a hotspot for the fashion value chain from around the world.

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