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Jockey India Holds Vendor Session on ASW Marketplace

18 February 2021

The ASW Marketplace is fulfilling its promise as a credible platform for buyers and suppliers along the textile value chain. The B2B matchmaking initiative on the Marketplace has received tremendous response. And after the success of the first Vendor Meet under its endeavour with Easybuy, the Marketplace held its next session a few days ago with Jockey to a full house, followed up by many interesting questions from the attendees.

The informative vendor session was addressed by Wicrant Gambhir, Head of Sourcing at Page Industries Ltd., located in Bengaluru, India, which is the exclusive licensee of JOCKEY International Inc. (USA) for manufacturing, distribution and marketing of the JOCKEY® brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and the UAE.

Wicrant, an alumnus of IIM and NIFT, has 25+ years of experience handling production for leading export houses, quality for global brands and sourcing for Indian brands and retail companies. He was very honest and open in what Jockey expected from its vendors, as also the value that suppliers can expect, being partners to the brand. He emphasised repeatedly that today all brands were looking for partners and not one-off- vendors, saying that VRM is not about transactional association but it's about partnerships.

The Brand Jockey has pioneered innerwear, evolving and innovating not only the product, but also the way it has been marketed over the years. The company is committed to quality, comfort, fashion, innovation and value. Jockey India markets products for the whole family – men’s, women’s and kids’ primarily under innerwear, shapewear and athleisurewear, both offline and online.

Today, the brand has 700+ EBOs and 60000+ MBOs. The point of sales in spread over Large Format Stores, Online Marketplaces and own platforms across India, besides presence in UAE and Sri Lanka. Wicrant shared that currently the company was looking for fresh vendors and the business proposition was for about 2 million pieces per month. The message was loud and clear that the business proposition of either side needs to create a ZOPA – ‘Zone of Possible Agreement’ which can be expanded to build a strong association.

The key components in terms of a preferred supplier in today’s competitive enviornment include agility in the supply chain, which is the biggest need for the future. Meeting the ever-variable consumer demand and preferences and meeting the demand consistently will bring in agility, stressed Wicrant. He further added that apart from the traditional tenets of partnership, the new age factors like complying to ethical manufacturing, keeping environmental and sustainability aspects as core will be the key to a high mutual engagement score.

To the satisfaction of many of the attendees, the Jockey Sourcing Head also emphasised on bringing innovations to the table, maintaining outside-in approach, creating value for each other, knowledge sharing to manage the operations ecosystem and always keeping the aim - consumer first, which will give sharp and deep dimensions to the partnership. The fact that the market for athleisurewear and activewear is increasing the potential of the Indian market for growth is indeed noteworthy.

Marketplace will continue to bring buyers to the platform and next in line is a vendor session by Sanjay Thakur, Director Sourcing, Ethical Sourcing Group buying for the US, EU and UK market.

Buyers and retailers who would like to address the compliant and trusted exhibitors on the Marketplace, as also share their sourcing needs, may Register Now! at the ASW Marketplace.


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