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Press Release 20 January 2021

The ASW Marketplace has much more to offer beyond Apparel

The ASW Marketplace has on board some truly dynamic and industry-friendly sponsors that bring with them products and services which are unique and targeted. The relevance of such offerings is highlighted by the changing needs of the textile value chain with growing emphasis on new products, speed to market and better agility.
Finding the right partner is not only about a retailer and a manufacturer. In fact, exploring partners for resources that can support business aspirations more effectively is equally important. We have on the Marketplace three very upfront companies that are well equipped to partner with the industry to not only meet evolving needs of the market, but also support growth in operations with experience and upfront approach. The ASW Marketplace is proud to host - Texon, Sakho Enterprises and BlueKaktus.
Texon, where sustainable materials are always in fashion: The latest sponsor to join the Marketplace is UK-based Texon, which has for more than 70 years, led the way towards developing sustainable, high quality, high performance material solutions, including non-woven saturated felts, extruded filmic materials, wet-web saturated cellulose paperboard, technical fabrics and consumables.
Best known for producing functional, structural components for the footwear industry, Texon also produces textiles, which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and can be used to make shoe uppers, performance garments and fashion accessories. Texon Vogue is one such material. Made from 100% natural fibres, Texon Vogue is a sustainable, durable, practical material that can be transformed into fashionable hats, caps, bags, luggage tags, jacron and jeans labels, stationery items and more.
Based on 100% FSC cellulose wood pulp, and produced using efficient, eco-friendly production and finishing methods, Texon Vogue is certified to Class 1 Standard 100 by OekoTex and is free from harmful substances. Widely recognised as a viable alternative to leather, Texon Vogue is vegan-friendly, available in multiple colours and finishes, and incredibly easy to work with. Texon Vogue is suitable for printing and stitching using multiple different techniques. It can also be embroidered, painted, laminated and embossed. For more information visit the Texon booth at the Marketplace.
SAKHO Enterprises, making innovations affordable: Established in 2011 to provide affordable automation solutions to the apparel industry, SAKHO believes in bringing to the forefront industries’ innovation and uniqueness with respect to machines and applications.
Associated with international players who are masters in their respective fields, such as Martin Group and armed with some of the best technologies in the world - H&H, NISSIN, BKS, ENS, Leonard & Thermotron to name a few, SAKHO has become a name to reckon with in the apparel manufacturing industry in the South Asian region. Among its several initiatives to support the industry, SAKHO has introduced a design studio, UNIK TECHNOLOGY in Bengaluru in 2016 to design and manufacture samples using bonding and seam sealing technology with the expertise of its principal H&H and business partner RCG.
SAKHO enables the apparel industry to adapt this concept with practical bonding technology at every step whether it is in sampling, job work, application engineering, trims such as tapes, adhesive and logos, bulk production, machine supply, factory set-up. The use of such technology will add value to the apparel industry that is searching for differentiation and higher value production options that are viable.
BlueKaktus, initiating the digital journey for retailers and manufacturers: The technology savvy and industry groomed team behind BlueKaktus stand by the belief that technology has the power to drastically transform the way the fashion industry works. Headquartered in New Delhi, BlueKaktus has offices in Bengaluru, Surat, Tirupur, Jaipur and Bangladesh to support industry with unique offerings and quick implementation of technology that are a great value add to any operation in the apparel industry.
Among the many offerings that the company has for the fashion industry, a few core ones include technology to monitor and improve performance through: Time and Action; Vendor Portal; Quality; Production Planning; Costing; and Virtual Merchandiser. One or more of these tools can be seamlessly integrated with the existing ERP, retaining the status quo of the client organisation. BlueKaktus is rapidly redefining the expectation from a technology solution provider and building ‘productivity enhancement’ at the core of value enhancement.

About Apparel Sourcing Week

Apparel Sourcing Week (ASW) platform is aligned to the changing dynamics of the industry, moving in pace with evolving and shifting world trade of apparel sourcing while also acknowledging the changing needs and wants of the customer.

To facilitate the seamless process of sourcing for greater transparency and reach, the ASW platform offers the industry three independent verticals – Big Show, Marketplace, and V-Expo – to enhance business opportunities for all players in the fashion retail chain, in an environment of networking, knowledge, and inspiration. With the three verticals, the supplier has marketing opportunities all around the year like never before, while the buyer has multiple avenues to search his perfect sourcing partner from South Asia.

About the Organiser

Apparel Resources is well known for its benchmark publications – Apparel Online, StitchWorld and Resource Guide published from India, Bangladesh & Vietnam. These publications have been around in the industry for over 35 years, supporting, guiding and standing by garment exporters and the retail industry globally, providing them a platform to source better.

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