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Press Release 5 March 2021

Vendor Sessions to continue on the Marketplace with Diverse Buyers

Backed by over two decades of industry understanding, Apparel Sourcing Week has come to be recognised for its energy, depth and networking opportunities, picking the pulse of the industry to create interactive links between the retailers and the manufacturers. The highly successful and appreciated ASW 2019, set the benchmark and the henceforth expanded version of the event with the BigShow, Marketplace and V-expo as key components of the show, in the new business environment have strived to keep the momentum.
The virtual ASW Marketplace has completed 3 months, and in this period, the organising team has been constantly in touch with the exhibitors on the platform to understand how best they can give value to the partners. So, while the Initial month on the marketplace was more about getting to understand the platform, making connections and initiating conversations. The Apparel Resources team, organisers to the event also held a two-day conference which had 2 very interesting panel discussions by industry experts, besides Masterclasses and Trend sessions, which were well attended and appreciated.
Feedback from exhibitors and interaction with buyers has now given birth to the unique business enabler - B2B Matchmaking sessions on the Marketplace. The module envisages vendor-buyer meets at regular intervals to support business opportunities by aiding the process of finding a right partner with ASW as the catalyst of business and networking.
Under the module, the Marketplace hosts a vendor meet, wherein the Head of Sourcing from various retailers/buyers outline their philosophy, buying and sourcing strategy, price points and key product categories, also indicating which categories of products they are currently interested in. Once the session is over, attendees can decide to take the discussion with the buyer a step ahead, based on their understanding of how they fit the requirements of the buyer.
Till date, 3 vendor sessions with EasyBuy of the Landmark Group, Jockey India and Buying office Ethical Sourcing, have already been held and the fourth one is already lined up with Anika Passi, Executive Director – Business Operations for PDS Multinational Group. Post the vendor sessions already held, over 12 one-o-one meetings have been conducted on the marketplace with possibilities to take the discussions offline for better negotiations and understanding.
Moving forward, Apparel Resources would keep conducting several activities on the ASW Marketplace to ensure its existence as an independent platform that continues to be a catalyst of business opportunities. Both the ASW Big show and the Marketplace are very important platforms where one stands to complement the other, so while the marketplace lays the foundation of making contacts and creating synergies, the same can be strengthened at the physical event - The ASW BigShow. Together the combination of Marketplace and BigShow is a formidable marketing tool for the exhibitors.
As the intensity of the pandemic slows down and availability of vaccinations reach to a larger number of people, the organisers of ASW have started the process to understand the possibility of holding the ASW BigShow in 2021 at the earliest possible dates. Till then, the Marketplace will remain the best platform for constructive discussion between the buyer and supplier with B2B Matchmaking at the centre.

About Apparel Sourcing Week

Apparel Sourcing Week (ASW) platform is aligned to the changing dynamics of the industry, moving in pace with evolving and shifting world trade of apparel sourcing while also acknowledging the changing needs and wants of the customer.

To facilitate the seamless process of sourcing for greater transparency and reach, the ASW platform offers the industry three independent verticals – Big Show, Marketplace, and V-Expo – to enhance business opportunities for all players in the fashion retail chain, in an environment of networking, knowledge, and inspiration. With the three verticals, the supplier has marketing opportunities all around the year like never before, while the buyer has multiple avenues to search his perfect sourcing partner from South Asia.

About the Organiser

Apparel Resources is well known for its benchmark publications – Apparel Online, StitchWorld and Resource Guide published from India, Bangladesh & Vietnam. These publications have been around in the industry for over 35 years, supporting, guiding and standing by garment exporters and the retail industry globally, providing them a platform to source better.

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