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Exhibitors at Apparel Sourcing Week, 2019
Apparel Sourcing Week, 2019 is the most sought after apparel sourcing show happening in India for the first time for the Indian retailers and brands.
30 top manufacturing from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka will showcase their manufacturing capabilities through their latest collection at the Apparel Sourcing Week.
S.No Organization/Company Name Country Product Stall No.
1 Anowara Knit Composite Ltd. Bangladesh Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts A5
2 Anzir Apparels Ltd. Bangladesh Sweater A20/A21
3 Apex Textile Printing Mill Ltd. Bangladesh kint garments for infants & chidren, men's and ladies underwear A19
4 Armana Group Ltd. Bangladesh Woven Bottoms A6
5 Energypac Fashions Ltd. Bangladesh Mens Formal Blazers, Suit, Ladies and Boys Formal Blazer, Mens, Ladies, Boys Formal Blazer, Mens Waistcoat A12
6 Epic Group Hong Kong S.A.R. Bottoms, Shirts A11
7 Gramtech Knit Dyeing Finishing & Garments Ltd. (Team Group) Bangladesh Knit, Woven, Sweater, Jacket, Denim TBA
8 K.C. Bottom And Shirt Wear Company (Nipa Group) Bangladesh Top & Bottom(Woven & Knit) TBA
9 Laila Styles Ltd. Bangladesh All types of bottom A23/A24
10 Must Garments Bangladesh Woven/Knits A14/A15
11 Pacific Jeans Ltd. Bangladesh Casual Bottoms A3/A4
12 Pakiza Knit Composite Ltd. Bangladesh Knitwear A18
13 Shanghai World Fashion Bangladesh T-Shirts, Woven Bottoms, Denim, Jackets, Dresses, Blouses TBA
14 Sonia And Sweaters Ltd. Bangladesh Sweater, Knitwear A10
15 Standard Group Ltd. Bangladesh Bottoms TBA
16 Standard Group Ltd. Bangladesh All kinds of Woven products for Men, Women & Children. A1/A2
17 Well Group Bangladesh Woven A13
18 Universal Jeans Ltd Bangladesh Casual Bottoms TBA
19 Kwun Tong Apparel Ltd Bangladesh Woven/Knits TBA
20 Thread Mill Bangladesh Sweater TBA
21 Laila Group Bangladesh All types of bottom TBA
22 Standard Stitches Ltd Bangladesh Bottoms TBA
S.No Organization/Company Name Country Product Stall No.
No Data Found
S.No Organization/Company Name Country Product Stall No.


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